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True Secrets to Better Golf!

Golfers are an amazing slice of humanity, obsessed and willing to try and to buy just about anything that may help their game. Still, there is one vast and obvious area that golfers have yet to explore in the eternal quest for improvement: our own selves! While the latest greatest clubs and balls lure golfers, there is no escaping the fact that better equipment alone doesn’t guarantee better golfing. It is really the skill of the golfer that is and always will be the decisive factor.

We all know that golf is the most vexing of games. Confronted with hitting a tiny white ball into a small hole hundreds of yards away, we are engaged in every metaphor, challenge, pitfall and triumph of the human body, mind, emotions and spirit. There seems to be a gap between the shots we see in our minds and the shots we actually make. Golfers often feel plagued by the variability in their swings from one day to the next, even one shot to the next. And despite tremendous advances in golf technology, there is no statistical evidence that golf scores or handicaps are dropping any more than before.

Here’s the thrilling part: When you can combine greater personal mastery and mind-body fitness with the finest technological advances in golf, you’ll be poised to make quantum leaps in performance. We can all realize so much more of our golf, and human, potential!

People everywhere were fascinated by Tiger Woods as he exemplified new dimensions in achievement and self-mastery. Under his parents’ tutelage Tiger trained body, mind and spirit through both eastern and western approaches to learning. Annika Sorenstam roared to the top of the LPGA, becoming the first woman to break 60 on tour and setting amazing win-records. When asked the secrets to her success, she tells of adding physical conditioning and martial arts training to her golfing preparation.

Today’s top golfers and athletes all incorporate mind-body / east-west training approaches on-purpose, to maximize their abilities and become great winners.

So – where to start to play and be your best? You need a combination of:

a) strong, toned, flexible muscles

b) an uncluttered, concentrated, tuned-in mind c) a peaceful, confident emotional state. KiAi Golf Training provides comprehensive Mind-Body Technology for Golfers, rooted in principles and practices to develop your innate abilities to much higher levels. Having been a state and national Junior Golf champion and later senior winner myself, and become a 6th Degree Black Belt in Aikido, psychologist and holistic fitness trainer, I have learned two essential universal principles for success. These are what the Japanese call KI, or life-energy; and AI, or unification, harmony – that naturally lead to a third essential - KiAi: integrated body-mind activity and action.

Golfers too often grasp at mechanics and “tips,” ending up in a frustrating array of interesting yet ultimately ineffective pieces. And without coordinating our physical, mental and emotional activity and action on the golf course, we’re left to inordinate amounts of struggle and suffering. Gaining greater mastery of our own energy-systems is THE hidden link to playing better golf.

KI: It really helps to become aware that it is your life-energy that makes the golf ball go! KI-power is the prime natural resource moving and breathing inside everyone. When swinging a golf club you’re coiling and delivering your KI at 70-120 mph of clubhead speed, to launch and guide the golf ball from tee to green. All your energy-systems – of moving, thinking, feeling – come into intense play in the golf swing and on the golf course. Your golf game asks you to breathe freely; relax & flow; be stronger & more flexible; develop greater clarity of mind & emotional balance.

AI: The common truth that The whole is greater than the sum of its partsreflects the power of AI Oneness. It is so true of the golf swing and golf game! Learning to align, balance and unite all your body parts – and the mind with the body – is key to better performance. Imagine the power, grace and ability of any great athlete or artist in action and you see KI and AI at work.

It really is time for more holistic golf instruction that teaches Ki-Ai: unified mind-body-spirit action. Let days of killing-the-ball, beating yourself up, or trying to think or buy your way to better golf be over!

There are great mind-body skills to learn along with swing mechanics: Centering, Grounding, Breathing, Balance, Relaxation, Unification. Exercises to build KI, warm-up the golf-body, integrate mind & muscles and pattern powerful fluid swing motion feel great and make sense. Everyone has the power within to bring about the magic of a sweet shot or great round of golf, more often and more consistently.

There are mechanics to thismagic. Learning and practicing KiAi skills is the missing link, the basis for unlocking and unleashing your true potential So warm-up and condition both your body & mind – and you are guaranteed to feel great so that you can Play & Be Your Best!


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