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Swing & Score Like Never Before!

The golf industry strives to ‘grow the game' and

technology keeps advancing. Yet statistics show handicaps hardly budging, courses closing, and the overall number of players dropping.  Golf is too frustrating, and we seem to be missing the green …


Centered Golf weaves the wonders of martial arts and mind-body mastery into playing great golf. It makes total athletic sense, feels right, and creates real results in your swing, game and scores - by focusing on what actually makes the golf ball go: YOU


Yes You, coiling and delivering all your KI / inner Life-Energy, at clubhead speeds of 70-120+ mph (faster than cars on a freeway!), to launch and guide the ball from tee to green, then delicately roll it into the hole.

You are a multi-faceted human being playing an all-at-once physical-mental-emotional-spiritual game. So: It is vital to learn to master your energy-systems, to manage yourself well, and to play in-synch. The latest greatest golf equipment and techniques cannot move the ball properly without you moving yourself properly - in every swing and between shots, all the way around the course.

LPGA Pro Jamie Leno Zimron has created the most comprehensive holistic golf instruction available, drawing on her unmatched blend of experience and expertise as an Aikido master, Junior & Senior golf champion, somatic + sports psychologist, bodyworker and peak performance trainer.  

Centered Golf's holistic framework, skills and drills pave the way for you to play your best golf - and to realize so much more of your golf, and human, potential! It is thrilling to combine self-mastery and integral fitness with the finest technological advances in golf. This Way works for every golfer to reach their next level, from beginning to mid-handicap to competitive players.


Train with The Golf Sensei

  • Private Lessons & Intensives: 1-1 or Small Group 

  • Centered Golf Schools

  • Corporate Clinics

  • Virtual Online Coaching

  • Charity Tournaments &      100-Hole Golf Marathons

Mike, Mediator, San Diego CA

Alan, 20-Handicapper Boca Raton FL

"Jamie, the playing lesson with you has turned my game around.  I love working off my insteps and using my hips and leg-power. I’m playing so much better, and consistently. You're a miracle worker!” 

"I just finished watching your DVDs, and all I can say is you’re a genius!"

Shirley Spork, LPGA Founder &

LPGA Teaching Division Founder

“Jamie's instruction using peaceful power sources, nurtured techniques and 

plain common sense are what it's all about. As a coach and trainer, she puts it all together and ranks among the best qualified authorities on golf. I consider Jamie a true friend and credit to this great game!

Carla Glasgow, Former LPGA Tour Player

“I was immediately amazed hitting the ball after Jamie’s LPGA seminar for pros. 

I haven’t shot under par in years, but found my center and made 4 birdies the last nine to win our T&CP Western 

Senior title. Jamie & I were paired together and she was as excited as I was watching me in ‘The Zone’ - and getting there too in our ‘battle’ for first!  

Every player can improve with Centered Golf teachings. And I believe we can help pros teach better, and college and Tour players to get a new winning edge.”

Leanna, Realtor San Francisco CA

“WOW! Two playing lessons and

I’ve gone from triple bogeys down

to bogeys, pars - and my first BIRDIE! How Jamie teaches is something so special, I want to tell everyone!"

Martha Mallott, LPGA Pro OH

“Jamie is a fine player, and blows me away with how ORIGINAL her approach is! She’s changed my thinking about golf, and athletics altogether. I've seen her teach at the Solheim Cup, Ohio Women’s Open & my indoor golf facility. She’s phenomenal!"

Bill Sferro, Golf Podcaster NY

"Jamie: The way your ideas & DVDs

resonate can hardly fit into words.

My golf & fitness have improved dramatically, and I just shot a 78!

Now I personally know why so many

call you the best of  the best golf

and mind-body instructors in the marketplace today!

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