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It is through your body that you experience and register

every moment of your life, from the very first to the last.


The body wants to feel good and be well. Therapeutic bodywork at once reaches into tissues and issues, memories and meaning, your physical and full self - to create deep and lasting changes in how

you feel and function.


Jamie has studied extensively with pioneers and masters of somatic healing. Throughout decades working with an array of clients and health conditions, she has developed a powerfully unique and effective style of Transformational Bodywork. Hands-on sessions are highly impactful, helping people to:


  • Release stress, pain & chronic holding patterns

  • Recover from trauma & injuries 

  • Restore natural function & mobility

  • Re-align skeletal structure & soft tissue

  • Clear energy blockages 

  • Create balanced circulation & flow

  • Process emotions & psychological issues via the body 

  • Relax, feel better & function fully.

Jamie also teaches effective self-massage techniques. With the COVID crisis, 1-1 sessions and small group SELF-MASSAGE TRAINING are now available virtually.

“Like anything outside one’s prior experience, bodywork with Jamie is difficult to describe. I’ve tried and liked different types of massages and therapies, but there just aren’t words or comparisons for Jamie’s work. She has this magical mastery! She works at deep levels that somehow coax my body into remembering a way of being that existed before all the wounds, protections and constrictions. I love the ease of being, ease

of movement, and overall sense of inner alignment from our sessions. Not to be missed!”                                Carol, Marriage Family Therapist, Palo Alto CA

Jamie's Bodywork and Somatic Therapy Certifications:


  • Lomi School: Rolfing-based Deep Tissue, Polarity Therapy, Reichian Breathwork, Conscious Movement 

  • Lauren Berry Method: Soft tissue and Osteopathic-based Manipulation and Corrective Massage

  • Studies with Peter Levine and Richard Olney: Trauma Recovery and Somatic Healing

  • The Meir Schneider Method of Self-Healing Through Bodywork and Movement 

  • Studies with Dov Nadel, Naturopathic Doctor and Ortho-Bionomist

  • Studies with Juawayne Kettler, Creator of BLISS Fitness

  • Irene Smith: Massage for People with AIDS and Terminal Illness

  • Swedish Massage and Shiatsu at the Palo Alto Massage Center 

  • Young Living Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Practitioner 

Brad, Electrician Billings MT

"I was working on a roof when I got electrocuted and fell off. After 3 years I was doing better but my voice and walk were still shaky. That’s when I met Jamie. I’m not sure what she did, but it felt like I got

'un-electrocuted’ and a lot

of the shakiness just disappeared. I'm so grateful,

it was incredible!

Karen, Entrepeneur Denver CO

"WOW! My shoulder feels 

great, and I have full mobility back! It feels so okay that I stopped taking painkillers and canceled my

orthopedic apppointments.


Can't believe I went 6 months with a locked shoulder and Jamie was

able to fix It in 45 minutes. She’s amazing!

Martha, Retiree Reno NV

"Jamie, our bodywork session was so thorough, and the BLISS exercises

are perfect reinforcement. Inside it feels like it's all reorganizing my cell structure, and my skeleton and muscles are hanging in balance now. I really feel different, and much better!

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