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Build All-Important Human and Relationship Capital


In the corporate world, personal development and HR tend to be regarded like second-class citizens: ‘soft’ and less-than the all-important hard-core strategies, technologies and tools of business. 


The Centered Way purposely focuses on the people who do business, intertwined with key energy dynamics in systems and relationships. In truth, people and energy flows are the bedrock that underlie business success. They are what make all things work, or not. The human and energetic elements in business may be neglected, or violated – but only at great cost.

Employees don’t just quit jobs. They are people who leave workplaces where they feel undervalued and unhappy. The same is true of customers and colleagues. Neuro-leadership studies verify: Human needs must be met in order to gain and maintain prosperous business relationships.


Jamie works with a wide range of companies, industries, coaches and trainers. From CEOs and executive women, to front-line staff and young professionals. Centered Way business trainings equip people to think clearly. Manage emotions. Decide well. Communicate and relate constructively. Lead and collaborate. Optimize talents and strengths. Expand creativity. Work productively and profitably.


Never underestimate how important it is for every person to be respected and empowered, in order to be optimally engaged and contribute their very best. And never fail to observe Centered  principles of balance, alignment, integrity and flow - at every level of business plans and operations.


Eric, Vistage CEO Los Angeles CA

"Jamie, everyone in our group is still buzzing that you were one of the best resources ever - plus we all had a wonderful time playing golf with you after the Speaker session!

Dwight Frindt, Master Vistage Chair

"Very knowledgeable presenter, great value, and a very VERY important topic. Jamie has so much relevant content, really knows her stuff, and does an outstanding job of creating an interactive learning environment. Our group was unanimous in highly recommending her to others. 

Lindsay, HR Director Chicago IL

“Thanks for delivering such a useful conflict management training for our staff! You’re

a terrific presenter, very clear and informative. We felt vulnerable yet safe. I really appreciated how you came around to work with every staff member as we were trying out the techniques you taught. 

Kathleen, CEO Des Moines IA

"Awesome information and exercises! Very unique speaker, and came at just the right time. My main feedback: Make the session longer, or bring Jamie back soon, we need more!”

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