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Centered Way Body-Mind Education for Life 


Picture yourself in early grade school, sitting at your desk, pencil in hand, studying the 3 Big R’s: Reading, ‘Riting and ‘Rithmatic. 

Now imagine that you’re in a really cool special class - called The KI in KID Power! - where you get to learn secret ‘samurai’ and ‘ninja’ ways of Courage, Strength and Excellence. You learn that the whole world, including you and everyone and everything in it, is made up of intelligent KI / Life-Energy.


You are introduced to your body, mind, emotions and spirit, and the natural powers you were born with inside. You learn to be Centered, powerful and capable - like a Black Belt! You play games and do martial arts that teach things like being-in-your-body. Connection. Belly-breathing to calm down and be focused. Grounding for balance and strength. Clear voice and intention. Awareness of situations and others. Setting boundaries. And more!

Growing up in a Centered Way you feel present and strong, conscious and confident. You're comfortable and secure being you. You know how to ‘use’ yourself well, so you can develop your talents and interests, learn new things, and have positive relationships with your teachers, friends and family. You even feel prepared to meet challenges and those inevitable times when difficult or ‘bad’ things happen.

Now imagine if, from a young age, you had received Body-Mind Education For Life – and it was fun, fascinating, and helped you focus. How might your choices and path in life have been different, or made easier, or richer, or truer? 


And now imagine that you give this essential education to your students, kids and grandchildren. Jamie Sensei loves empowering kids and youth leaders. Dynamic KI in KID Power trainings are available for martial arts dojos, school programs, junior golf programs, and special camps and events. 


It's never too early to start teaching our children Centered Way life-skills (and never too late for adults to learn!). 


  • a KI in KID POWER class or workshop

  • Consultation for parents, teachers, dojo or camp kids' programs 

The KI in KID Power

Master Gabrielle Roloff, Modern Arnis

Germany , Europe, Worldwide

"When I witnessed Jamie’s Aikido peace work in the Middle East, I was moved and amazed.  Encouraging kids and youth of different religions, ethnic groups and nationalities to make friends and to work against the hatred ingrained for much too long, through training with one another. Also adults.

Jamie is a very inspirational and knowledgable leader with an all encompassing teaching style, for all needs and levels of understanding.

Cassie, TaeKwonDo & Yoga Instructor WI

"Jamie Sensei's understanding and application of Aikido

is impeccable, and she has been a true life hero to my daughters and students!

Katie & Megan Heffernan, Ottowa Canada

"Jamie  was our first Sensei in the Young Martial Artists program at Special Training, when we were 10 years old. There was a beautiful balance of enthusiasm, strength and kindness.

We both had a fantastic experience, and all the kids had so much fun and learned so much. The Ki in KID Power is awesome, and how cool to touch so many lives through the martial arts!

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