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Learning to Let Go is a crucial life and business skill. Everybody gets clouded and weighed down by ‘baggage’ from things not going as well as we’d like. No one is immune to the lingering effects of difficult people and situations / low and high-level anxiety / negative feelings, beliefs, expectations / bad memories / failures & traumas / constant inner and outer stressors. 

Consciously and unconsciously, these experiences are affecting how you feel, relate and perform. Thought process, emotional intelligence, health, relationships and the bottom line are all impacted. Talented athletes and leaders falter, companies and marriages strain, often to breaking points.

Based on the original Sedona Release Method, The Centered Way teaches powerful ways to Release & Let Go. Using only a few brilliantly simple yet profound questions, you can quickly clarify your thoughts, emotions and underlying needs. By letting go, you’re able to relax and energize your body, refresh your spirits, feel positive, and know clearly what next actions to take. 


Releasing works right away to lighten your load. You become more present and current. Able to decide well. Relate and perform at your best. And enjoy a great new sense of joy and freedom!

Matt, CEO Milwaukee WI

"RELEASING is fascinating. Very effective and applicable tools. I know I get stuck and

need to let go, but I had no clue how. Now I do! Jamie

is amazing, would HIGHLY recommend her, and this extremely useful method for becoming more aware and actually being able to let go. Priceless training.

Ron, Vistage Chair Portland OR

"Terrific resiliency tools!

Jamie provides outstanding value, and you can see how

her experience as an Aikido instructor influences her delivery. She focuses on participants experiencing

the content she presents, so they are sure to understand and gain proficiency. I am recommending Jamie to all

my Vistage Chair peers!

Monica, Psychotherapist, Orlando FL

"I have new access to possibilities I didn’t have before, for my clients and myself ... So much clarity, creativity, emotional freedom. Outstanding in value, and simplicity!

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