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Your Optimal Zone

1-1 Centered Way Private Sessions

Rooted in The Centered Way’s holistic approach to optimal well-being and peak performance, Jamie offers High-Impact 1-1 Counseling & Coaching sessions. Full focus is on you and facilitating your growth and goals, in your personal and / or professional life.  

Sessions may be scheduled as-wanted or as-needed/ They may be held via virtual video (Zoom, What's App, Skype), by phone, or in-person whenever possible. Half or full-day Private or Small Group Intensives are available, in-person or on Zoom.


  • Deepen Self-Insight

  • Expand Awareness

  • Polish Leadership Presence & Body Language

  • Hone Communication Skills

  • Improve Relationships

  • Clarify Issues & Decisions (at work and at home)

  • Solve Problems 

  • Rebound from Setbacks / Build Resilience

  • Develop Body-Mind Mastery

  • Upgrade Health, Happiness & Performance

Gali, Athlete & Dancer Israel

"Jamie, I've never reached so deep or felt so in touch with myself. You sensed my body, issues and energy so well. You were very giving, and ready to go with me wherever was needed. You’re so good at what you do, thanks again and again!"

Doug, Branch Manager Seattle WA

“Great thanks for your priceless coaching and input with each of

us over the two days you were at our office. I had high hopes for several people in particular, and to a lesser extent myself. You far exceeded all expectations.  


Bruce, Software Engineer Columbus OH

Dana, Small Business Owner Portland OR

"I got more out of our 1-on-1 playing lesson than by hitting 1000 balls on the range. Jamie made the intricacies

of the golf swing, putting and short game simple to understand, and execute.

This weekend warrior is very grateful!”

“Our sessions are changing my life! I’m seeing things with such clarity, and feeling confident in my decisions and direction. 

My body and spirits are

doing great, and I feel stronger and more whole than I’ve ever felt.

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