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The Way of Harmony & Peaceful Power

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合 AI    Love – Harmony – Oneness
KI    Life Energy
DO  The Way


Typically, people are taught to think of power in terms of strength and aggressiveness – a kind of brute force approach to getting things done and succeeding. We’re actually quite wary of peace, which can seem like giving-in, weakness, and a last-resort when fighting has failed. Aikido is different! As this haiku written by founder Morihei Ueshiba O’Sensei "Great Teacher" states clearly:

“Rely on peace
to activate
your manifold powers.”

Aikido grounds you in your body. It centers you in life-force energy within and all around, in everyone and everything. It trains you in the vital arts of Presence, Connection and Peaceful Power. You learn to turn struggle into flow, trouble into triumph, and adversaries into friends. You gain body-mind abilities to be less rattled by problems and setbacks, and more responsive and resilient. You accustom yourself to positivity, flow, synchronicities and desired outcomes.

Rooted in Aikido, The Centered Way equips people with a roadmap to the ‘Integral Zone.’ Aikido’s peaceful principles and practices are universal. They work in a dojo, on a golf course, at home, in the workplace, in every relationship, as a leader or team member. They conserve energy, reduce forcing and fighting, and promote the many prosperities of peace.  You become more adept at handling challenges, minimizing resistance, embracing change and optimizing opportunities.


Aiki Extensions Inc. is a non-profit educational hub for practitioners taking Aikido principles beyond the dojo into their work, lives and our troubled world. Founded in 1998 by the late Professor Don Levine Sensei, Aiki Extensions transcends Aikido affiliations and styles. All interested dojos and individuals are welcome to connect through AE conferences, newsletters and networking.

Any member can apply to AE’s new Seed Grants Initiative, for $500-$1000 funds to support their Aikido-based project or program. Some recent Seed Grants include:

  • Aikido With Veterans, to reduce PTSD, build healthy lifestyles

  • Anti-bullying and ‘Aiki Kindness’ project, piloting at a school in Canada

  • Aikido classes at a mosque for Muslim schoolgirls

  • A low-cost community Aikido program for kids and parents


Jamie Sensei been an active Aiki Extensions Board member since 2005, helping to launch impactful peacemaking and other programs. She established her own dojo in San Francisco 1980-1994, and continues to guest instruct at Aikido and other martial arts dojos in the US and internationally; and to adapt Aikido practices for people to benefit in all walks of life and fields of endeavor. Please Contact Us to bring Jamie Sensei to your dojo or area, and if you’d like more information or to get involved with AE.

Bill Sensei, Fighting Arts SD CA

"Jamie Sensei, Thank you for your fabulous Aikido demonstration at the women’s martial arts tournament in San Diego. You displayed such wonderful skill not only at your art, but engaging your audience. In my 35 years of training I have never enjoyed a live presentation of martial arts more! 

Craig, Black Belt Sacramento CA

"Sensei, what wonderful gifts you brought to our dojo! We all felt totally dialed in and connected because you were so fully alive, generous, and present with us. We’re a little less in our heads, and alot more in our bodies and heart. A very fresh, real, and joyful experience. True Aikido!

Mark, Eugene OR and Jerusalem

"Thank you for an awesome class, and all the ukemi! Also, I really appreciate how you incorporate Aikido outside of the dojo. As much as I enjoy training on the mat, for me the whole experience is so much better when all things Aikido can be taken 'outside.' I look forward to training with you more.

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