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BLISSBalance Lengthen Integrate Stretch Strengthen


BLISS Fusion Fitness Zoom classes provide a wonderfully unique and balanced workout of standing, seated and floor exercises. Every class is fun and challenging, and will deeply impact and quickly improve your physical, emotional and mental well-being. 


Jamie Sensei is now offering weekly classes on Zoom, blending original core BLISSwork exercises with breathing, body-mindfulness, self-massage; and centering, energy-flow & empowerment practices derived from Aikido, The Martial Art of Peace.


See the attached flyer for the January 2021 Class Schedule

Cost: $20 per class / or $55 for all 4 monthly classes - choose pricing plan when booking below!

Recordings will be sent if you can't be there 'live' 

You will receive an email with the Zoom meeting login upon registering.


First class is free. New and returning students who up for a month can arrange a one-time free private 30-minute session for Jamie to get to know you, your physical issues and fitness goals.

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