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"Learning is experience. 

All the rest is just information." 

Albert Einstein 

The Centered Way


Trainings for Balance, Sanity, Humanity & Success

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  About The Centered Way



The Centered Way’s Optimal Living / Peak Performance trainings take you where most people don’t know or go: To the heart and core of matters, and what we call 'beneath the bottom line.'


Picture yourself solidly at the hub and helm of your life. Enjoying consistent clarity

and balance. Stressing less and succeeding more. On your purpose. Rolling along smoothly, creatively, productively, happily. Feeling focused and fulfilled. Zoned-in

on The Sweet Spot - in a golf or tennis shot, in communication and relationships, in a project or business deal, in your diet and fitness, solving setbacks and problems, resolving conflicts.


How would your health, finances and ‘game’ change if you had a reliable roadmap to living from your powerful core and authentic Center?  Now imagine Centered companies, people and policies. All operating in balance and integrity. Aligned to values-driven goals, meaningful targets and mutual benefit. Pursuing ways that really work, and making changes and differences that really matter.

In today’s overly-stressed and endangered world, The Centered Way's integral trainings shift how you see and go about things, both personally and professionally. They build the connection, alignment and harmony that underlie peace, power and prosperity - so we all can survive and genuinely thrive.

Meet Jamie

Jamie Leno Zimron is an extra-ordinary speaker, trainer, 6th Degree Aikido Black Belt (AWMAI), and ‘golf pro like no other.' A scholar-athlete and Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Stanford University, she weaves a wealth of mind-body expertise into The Centered Way talks and training programs.


Jamie is a longtime pioneer in holistic business, sports and life education, and has studied with many masters. She provides transformative teachings, inspirational energy and take-action tools to every client and group - in boardrooms & classrooms, at conferences & retreats, in private 1-1 sessions, on the golf course, with adults and with kids.


Known for her dynamic teaching style, Jamie Sensei (Master Instructor) brings a rare combination of credentials and insight to top performance, next-step growth, and to learning itself. Her passion is facilitating fresh Centered Solutions and ongoing results in individual achievement, organizational effectiveness, and the greater good!


Trainings Offered
Seminars| Workshops | Retreats

The Centered Way is rooted in Aikido, the magnificent non-violent Japanese Art of Peace. Like all martial arts, Aikido builds character, capability, fitness, focus, fortitude. Aikido uniquely cultivates Peaceful Power. People learn how to reduce stress and conflict. Be relaxed, balanced, present. Be healthy and whole. Turn reactions of fear, anger, resistance into positivity and effective action. Lead with heart.


With graceful joy, depth and charisma on the mat, Jamie Sensei guest instructs at many Aikido and other dojos.


Off the mat, The Centered Way adapts Aikido’s paradigm-shifting Peaceful Power skills for people in many settings to improve personal, family, business & even nation-state relationships.

Corporate Speaking & Trainings
Leadership | Stress | Conflict | Culture

The Centered Way offers an integrative ethic of excellence, energy-efficiency and profitability to business executives, managers, employees, entrepeneurs and` community groups.


Centered Way workplace trainings help people to build highly productive, successful 'Black Belt' businesses. Crucial holistic perspectives and skills enhance Body Language & Leadership Style / Connected Communication / Health & Wellness / Constructive Stress & Conflict Management / Team Cohesion / Creativity & Empowerment. Refresh and upgrade your work, at every level!

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Unleash Your Golf Potential
Lessons | Intensives | Centered Golf™ Schools

Learn 'the how's' to unleash your best swings, putts & scores by going where today’s top Tour pros and athletes play – The Integrated Mind-Body Zone.

Centered Golf instruction reveals integral 'missing links on the links' to help golfers Swing & Score Like Never Before. Centered swings & contact produce distance, accuracy, consistency & confidence; prevent aches, pains & injuries; and give golfers more energy, enjoyment and control all the way around the course. Golfers genuinely improve through holistic skills & drills that systematically develop Core & Lower-Body Power / Body-Mind Golf Fitness / Breathing & Balance / Swing Patterning / In-Synch Rhythm / Winning Mind & Course Management.

Releasing: Let Go for Your Goals 
Corporate Trainings | Group Workshops | Private Sessions 

Past and current difficulties can bog down and even sabotage your best efforts through self-doubt, frustration, stuckness, indecision, exhaustion. Using specific Release Method skills, you can quickly and deeply free yourself from negative emotions and beliefs that ‘hijack’ your clarity, capability, and well-being.


Releasing & Letting Go is indispensable to regaining your mojo. Being present here & now. Feeling confident in your decisions, actions, a​nd interactions. Moving with wisdom and optimism into your future.



Motivational Talks & Keynotes
Conferences | Retreats | Events | Private Gatherings

Spark enthusiasm, engagement and high value at your event - For groups seeking both inspired vision and fresh, practical steps forward.

Jamie's dynamic speaking brings a real-world ‘Black Belt’ Mindset + Skillset to professionals, leaders, business owners, athletes, parents, students, parents, and performers of all kinds. Inspirational presentations are interactive and customized for each event, for participants to reach desired goals, breakthroughs and takeaways.

Your Optimal Zone:
1-1 Sessions
Consulting| Counseling | Trainer Trainings

Work with Jamie 1-1, in-person or virtually, on specific issues and goals in your business, golf, health, relationships, personal growth:


  • Executive, Personal & Sports Coaching.

  • Golf Lessons and Intensives.

  • Bodywork, Fitness & Counseling Sessions.

  • Special Centered Trainer Trainings provide golf pros, bodyworkers & psychotherapists with ideas & toolsto enhance their own work.

  • iMapSuccess Assessments may be used to speed up self-insight and sharpen coaching strategies.

BLISS Core Fitness_edited.jpg
BLISS Fitness
Workshops | 1-1 Sessions | Core Fitness DVD

Tone your entire body, mind & nervous system

with BLISS Body-Mind Fitness.

BLISS exercises simultaneously Balance, Lengthen, Integrate Stretch and Strengthen the muscles of your back, shoulders, neck, hips, legs, arms. Energy & neuro-muscular messages flow freely as you decompress your spine, breathe fully, and connect mind & body. Exercises are easy to learn, need no special equipment, and can be done anywhere by anyone at any time.

Core BLISS, Golf BLISS and Office BLISS quickly shift your physical and mental state; increase flexibility & energy flow; and allow you to Work, Play, & Be Your Best!

Transformational Bodywork

Literally touch into your body and whole self to promote deep healing, healthy changes, and true well-being.


Centered Way Bodywork sessions derive from Jamie’s powerful synthesis of somatic psychology, deep tissue, osteopathic and non-force corrections, shiatsu, reflexology, essential oils, and other holistic modalities.


With the COVID crisis, Self-Massage instruction is now also available via virtual 1-1 and group sessions.


Trainer Trainings for bodyworkers & therapists address integral techniques, energy and intuition, proper body mechanics & self-care. Clients and colleagues consistently describe healing work with Jamie as “Wow, just amazing!” 

IMG_6463 3.jpg
The KI in KID Power
Dojo Kids Classes| Jr. Golf |School Sessions|Event Workshops 

Centering is Basic Training for Life.

These fun and physical Aikido-based sessions equip kids with an understanding of KI / Life-Energy, relationship dynamics, handling pressure, and the body-mind connection needed to become their best. Core empowerment skills are taught to support young people to be themselves. To stand up for self and others. Manage fear and anxiety. Be peacefully powerful. Handle bullies and abuse. Go for their passions, talents and goals. And embrace the challenges and adventures of their lives.

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