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KiAi Golf Mastery Training: The Mechanics For The Magic!

Discover the Essentials For Excellence already inside you. Become stronger, more flexible, centered, balanced, relaxed, focused, aligned. Join the movements of your body and mind, in accord with universal energy, to play golf with the power, skill, & self-mastery of a black belt.

A tremendous and beautiful power manifests when all parts of a golf swing work in harmony. These are the sweet exultant shots that keep golfers coming back. But players experience such sweet joy only occasionally, while often despairing or even quitting in exasperation. KiAi Golf provides “The Mechanics for The Magic” to close the gap between golfers’ passion and potential, the golf we dream of and our actual shots and scores.

Golfers are an amazing slice of humanity, obsessed and willing to try and to buy just about anything that might help their game. Golf is so compelling as it offers up myriad experiences and truths of life itself. Confronted with hitting a tiny ball into a small hole on one of the biggest playing fields in sports, golfers are engaged in every metaphor, challenge, pitfall, and triumph of the human body, mind, emotions and spirit.

In one centered golf shot, supra-consciousness shows up in our bodies and we can taste the unitive state, where we are operating beyond ego and transcend the typical. Ordinary turns extra-ordinary. There is a deeply organic melding of mind with body, the physical and meta-physical, the mundane with the magical and exalted. This short haiku poem from the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba O’Sensei, highlights the intrinsic elements of an awesome, on-target golf swing:

“Move like a beam of light. Whirl in circles

Around a stable center.”

In every ball-to-target sport, the importance of Centered Contact is undisputed. Good golf comes down to controlling the distance and direction of every shot - imparted by sweet spot impact. Clubface meets ball squarely, not spinning it off-line. Swing-energy delivers solidly rather than reverberating to sting our hands or knock us off-balance. At an LPGA Girls Golf clinic, my pro friend DeeDee recounted knowing at age 4 she was born to be a golfer from her name: D for Distance and D for Direction!

Golf is an exquisitely centered sport, and Centering is absolutely central to play well. Centered in-synch mechanics illuminate balanced athletic swing motion and the holistic keys to genuine game improvement. Rooting in the Centered Zone inside us, our inherent super-nature shows up. We can move into flow, where magical golfing routinely happens. Players enjoy proper D&D and down-the- middle shots. Fewer misses, penalties, blow-ups. Successful scrambling. Better attitude and index. Fewer aches, pains, advil. The ability to adapt to conditions and different courses. Plenty of energy through to the 18th and 19th holes.

Top Tour pros today seek transcendent results through physical fitness, mindfulness, and holistic entourages of trainers. Their body-mind / east-west approach is on-purpose to maximize ability, potential, and success. Using both Thai Buddhist and American means, Tiger Woods’ parents helped hone his golfing talents into almost super-human excellence. Korean women, dominating the LPGA Tour for decades now, exemplify what can be achieved by cultivating smooth, focused, consistent body-mind power.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, yet the golf swing is taught as discreet moves that coalesce sporadically. Instructors, players, and marketers rarely approach golf holistically. Focus is on technique and equipment, with mental game tips tossed in for good measure. Fragmented instruction is frustrating. Golfers spend fortunes chasing down flaws, and pros oblige with tips and tweaks that temporarily fix one "fault" while provoking others. Students are put into awkward positions they cannot replicate and that destroy flow.

Instead, golfers ought to be taught Centering, unified flow, and the universal elements forming a coherent framework to apply throughout their game. Watch pros and fine amateurs, in-person or on- screen. They do not wail or flail at the ball. Behold beautiful balance. Harmonious sequencing. Timing. Rhythm. Buttery putting strokes. Sense into the silkiness of Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, Ernie Els, Annika’s easy turn-&-release. Feel the magnificently graceful fury of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, ‘The Babe’ Didrikson Zaharias, and so many greats of the game.

It is no coincidence that great players match beauty with power and power with grace. Arnie, Jack, Tiger, and Annika played in an exalted realm, thrilling throngs of faithful fans, and inspiring next champions and generations. They won with an aggressiveness that yet adhered to principles of balance, timing, and tempo. Competing with unflinching ferocity, their Centeredness was evident. Confidence and control were theirs, and crowds could not get enough of seeing them play in the magic of self-mastery and the flow zone.

In his classic 1957 Five Lessons guidebook, all-time legend Ben Hogan taught golf as efficient use of energy. He believed golfers struggle because we lack fluidity, are too hard on ourselves, and the game is made needlessly difficult. As Hogan wrote, every golfer ought to play far better, easily:

"Up to a considerable point, there’s nothing difficult about golf, nothing. I see no reason, truly, why the average golfer, if [s]he goes about it intelligently, shouldn’t play in the 70s – and I mean by playing the type of shots a fine golfer plays.”

KiAi Golf intelligently demystifies the golf swing and mental game. Golf asks us to Center, breathe, ground, unify, follow natural order and flow. You make the golf ball go, shaping swings which shape ball flight. Watching what your ball does, you are seeing what all-of-you did in each swing. This is great news: You can learn to take new charge of you, to deliver your total energy properly into the golf ball!

Golf gyms, technique tips, mental game gurus, and the latest greatest equipment all help. But data shows these have not rendered significant or lasting improvement. Playing golf is a holistic human happening. Tech aids or texting for help on course are rules violations, and most people cannot afford an entourage. All you have to rely on is your body, mind, and clubs. Energy insights and being wholly present, in charge, and consistently in-synch make for whole new differences and leaps in your game.

Herein lie the missing links for the Unified Field to reveal itself on the links and begin working its magic in your swing, shots, and scores.

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