BLISS Body-Mind Fitness 

The Original Core Workout DVD

BLISS = Balance Lengthen Integrate Stretch Strengthen

BLISSwork teaches highly effective muscular and skeletal exercises for warming-up; mind-body conditioning; injury prevention and rehab; and entering the ‘Integrated Zone’ for peak performance. Decompress your spine. Relieve aches and pain. Rejuvenate mobility. Release core energy and flows throughout your body and being. Enjoy greater ease, flexibility, balance, and power. 


BLISS exercises need no special equipment and can be done indoors or outside, at work or at home, alone or with a partner, in a class or getting ready to ‘play ball.’ Thousands of people continue to be amazed to feel the changes in their fitness, so quickly and totally naturally, and an indescribable sense of centered capability and well-being … BLISS!

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